Thursday, August 21, 2008

Standing astride the headwaters of the Missouri River

We have been on both ends of the Missouri River this summer. Earlier, we were in St. Louis, Missouri where the Missouri River dumps into the great Mississippi and now we have been to the very spot where it springs from the earth. We felt a little of the excitement Lewis and Clark felt when they accomplished one of their key missions... exploring the Missouri River to it's very beginning.
We also stood on the Continental Divide with one foot in Montana and one foot in Idaho, visited the birth place of Sacajawea, swam in natural hot springs and panned for gold.
What a great time we had camping with both sets of grandparents... enjoying the beautiful, rugged scenery of Central Idaho, and the company of our family.


Darilyn said...

WooHoo, you have a blog! I can't wait to read more adventures of your family. Great title for your blog too. Very catchy.

A big happy family said...

I love your title, very clever! Your vacation sounds amazing. So glad you had a great time! Deena