Saturday, October 4, 2008

XC Kraig on the Run!

This weekend Kraig ran the Harrier Classic. This is his second year on the Cross Country (XC) team and he is having a blast.

I saw a t-shirt once that said something about Cross Country helping skinny kids make friends...SO TRUE! They really are a nice bunch of kids, so supportive of each other. They really give their all too, Steve saw one kid cross the finish line and immediately lean over and hurl (UGH! It's a darned good thing I didn't see that, or it would have been a party!)

The coolest thing I witnessed... probably more than 5 minutes after most of the kids crossed the finish line. The last runner came "down the shute." He was little and not the same body type you see in most of the kids that run. He was totally spent, BUT STILL RUNNING!!! The crowd went wild! You would have thought this kid was in first place, not last. A very heart warming moment.

It was raining and muddy, the kids slid through mud and ran through puddles...what a mess! There was even a pile up at the finish line when a few kids in front of Kraig lost their footing in the slippery mud. Despite this, Kraig had his best personal time for this course.

We are proud of him and the hard work he puts in as part of the team. Wednesday is his next meet; GO WEST ALBANY BULLDOGS!

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