Wednesday, November 12, 2008

100 things i like

I've been working on this project for more than two years. It is a kind of "count your blessings" exercise. These are the things that make me happy is some small or even weird way! Some are old and some are new...all are little bits of me.

1. Diet Coke 2. Bright red toenails 3. Green scrubbies (Scotch Brite only, none of those Target brand scrubbies) 4. Murphy's oil soap 5. Fiesta ware (LOTS of it!) 6. Daffodils in spring 7. The Lakehouse 8. Nursing my babies 9. Softscrub 10. New tablecloths (Steve thinks this falls under the mental illness catagory) 11. My headset phone 12. Homemade marshmallows 13. Lemon water 14. Garage Sales 15. Kitchen gadgets 16. Sugar Cookies 17. Cookbooks 18. Creating a really cool invitation 19. Baby smell 20. Fall leaves 21. The Food Network 22. Finding a bargain 23. Lemon Squares 24. the giggles of my kids 25. the Hymn "Come, Come, Ye Saints" 26. Book club 27. New recipes 28. Apples with Cheese 29. listening to the boys play the trumpet 30. fresh basil from my garden 31. Jack o' Lanterns 32. Easter Egg Hunts 33. Bread and milk (in a bowl together with salt and pepper, I know, it's weird) 34. a good book 35. BIRTHDAY PARTIES
36. BLANKET FORTS 37. Summers with the kids 38. Planting a garden as a family 39. Rocking my babies 40. trick or treating 41. Dragonflies 42. cool patterned paper 43. cucumber scented lotion 44. Watercress sandwiches 45. having lunch with friends 46. Freshly Mowed Grass 47. ethnic food 48. post it notes 49. Salt & Vinegar Chips 50. Dog the Bounty Hunter (I'm a freak, so what) 51. Dark Chocolate 52. Freezer meal exchange day 53. Trips to the Oregon Coast 54. Anti-Frizz Serum 55. Hardwood floors 56. Chartreuse (the color)
57. double stick tape 58. cup cakes 59. seeing Reed dive into a new sport with gusto 60. Martha Stewart 61. Clean sheets and shaved legs 62. Smoked Almonds
63. beachfront vacations 64. baking birthday cakes for the kids that they love 65. a massage 66. Park Play Day in the Summer 67. horehound hard candy 68. REAL Christmas Trees 69. freshly baked bread 70. BLOWING BUBBLES 71. seeing my boys in their scout uniforms 72. Easter Dresses 73. Ferris Bueller's Day Off 74. having my hair touched 75. Science experiments 76. sudoku puzzles 77. Cucumber Sandwiches 78. cooking for friends 79. Outdoor Pools (in the Summer) 80. FUNKY SOCKS 81. smores 82. Chick Flicks
83. Breakfast foods (why play favorites, they are all good) 84. cool summer mornings 85. "tweaking" recipes to make them my own 86. Ginger 87. new workout shoes 88. October Rain 89. March Sun 90. belly dance lessons 91 silk fabric 92. teaching fitness classes 93. Kraig's "fro" 94. itunes 95. Mermaids 96. HULA HOOPS 97. girls only trips 98. orange (the color) 99. board games 100. DATE NIGHT


Our Family said...

Wow! That post must have taken you awhile. Not to type it but to change all the sizes and colors. Very impressive!

I remember you giving a wonderful lesson in YW about being thankful and reading this list from your journal. You even had on #80 funky socks that Sunday under your boots :) I have thought about making my own list many times. Thanks for the reminder. I just hope you don't mind that we share a few of the same likes - for example #1 - Diet Coke! Ahhh, so refreshing! I'll have a cold one in the fridge for you tomorrow!


Kris Farrar said...

Of course we have some of the same "likes," that's why we're friends!!

Darilyn said...

I love your list and I have to know how you got all the different fonts and colors. Did you just do that through the ones available on blogger? I've been trying to figure out that lately.

Kris Farrar said...

Yes, I used the blogger fonts and colors. It took some time, but I think it adds interest to a big list of stuff.

april said...

i am your follower now :)
i actually read all 100 thing! that was fun - i don't think i could be that patient

Joel & Lisa said...

Soooo, Steve thinks new tablecloths indicate a mental illness? What about Scotch Brite green scrubbies? Or Softscrub? :) Liked the list--that's a great idea, and fun to read.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

What a fun blog you have :)