Sunday, December 21, 2008

...and the "DAYS" Continue

An Update:

I can't even tell you how much fun it has been for us to be the recipient of the "Twelve Days of Christmas." The Farrar kids have grown to really look forward to our daily treat and note. We love the puzzle, and have had a great time speculating about who thinks enough of us to treat us to such a big thing. Committing to 12 days of gifts, 12 days of secrets, and 12 days of cute rhymes is HUGE and the love and effort has not been lost.

So to let you know how the days have continued:

The fifth day: 5 SWEEEET Treats

The sixth day: 6 cans of soda (one was a diet coke, just for mom)

The seventh day: 7 oranges

The eighth day: 8 cookies (those mint Milano cookies from Pepperridge Farms, I wonder if our giver knows that those are one of my favorites.)

Today's poem:

On the eighth day of Christmas,

we're nearly out of rhyme.

But here's 8 nice cookies

to enhance your Christmas time.

The gift arrived shortly after we got home from Church (I hope no one saw me walking through the house WHILE changing out of my church clothes...I've got to quit doing that.) I apologize if I have scarred you or any of your children for life.

  • Santa has started changing up the "gifting" time. On the sixth day, we found the present before seminary, today it was after church...about 12:30

  • Santa knows that mom is a giant diet coke fan (who doesn't? That probably doesn't mean anything)

  • Santa is not getting any slower, just more daring...showing up in the light of day Hmmmm....the investigation continues!

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crazycatlady said...

Very fun! I am jealous!
:) paula