Thursday, December 25, 2008

...and the Santa is...

Before I reveal our 12 days of Christmas Santa, I need to report on the rest of our experience.

ninth day: Bubble gum left in the mail box
tenth day: 10 eggs (for breakfast) left early in the morning on our window ledge with the note taped to the dining room window
eleventh day: 11 candy canes left that evening
DAY 12! A basket of fruit delivered to our door by Santa himself!
And our last Poem
On the twelfth day of Christmas,
12 fruits you'll find in here.
Sent with love and hope,
we've brought some Christmas Cheer?
As a final note we add:
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
The Parmenters
Now, as to be expected, we had a list of "suspects." Here was our list in no particular order:
Joel and Lisa
The Pattons were crossed out early in the game as we realized they were headed to Whistler and would not be available to finish the "days." We also considered the possibility that maybe this was a combined effort by them, with someone else taking over when they left town.
Funny side note: as Christmas drew near, the kids were not talking about their visit from the Northern Santa, but whether or not the 12 Days Santa would reveal himself on Christmas Day!
Now, it is not a secret that we are notorious geeks over here. The curiosity was so great, that the big boys (Kraig and Steve) set a "Santa Trap." They set up a motion detection/web cam system and waited for "Santa" to do his thing. We got lots of video of passing cars and the cats running to and from the door, but it only takes one good frame of video to reveal the "real" Santa. Below is that one good frame.

Thanks Parmenters! It was one of the funnest (I know that's not really a word) Christmases we've ever're the best!!



Alison said...

LOL - that is HILARIOUS! Nice camera work.

Our Family said...

How cute. Wish we would have thought of it. Merry Christmas anyways!

(P.S. Lindsay loved the hula hoop! It looked so nice and I loved the card you attached to it Thank You!)