Friday, December 19, 2008

Are you people still HERE?!! The Novelty has WORN OFF!

ANOTHER Snow Day! This is the third one this week. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE having the kids home, BUT they will be home for the next two weeks for Christmas break.

Here is the progression of our snow days.
Day 1: "HEY GUYS! NO SCHOOL TODAY!! Hot chocolate is going in the cocoa machine, can someone get out the whipped cream? Who wants blueberries in their pancakes?!"

Day 2: "Cereal is in the cupboard, help yourself."

Day 3: "Are you sure there is no school? Yeah, you can eat a cookie for breakfast if you want. If there is any fighting over ANY video games today...that X box will be MINE!"

Front:Brady Parmenter, Mason Patton

Back:Reed Farrar, Miles Parmenter, Joel Phair, & Reece Parmenter

I'm plagiarizing Alison's photos because, quite frankly, I'm too lazy to unload the camera. Plus they are pretty cool pictures...way better than what I would have gotten.

Interesting Side Note: We have lived in Oregon for nearly 14 years and have NEVER seen snow before Christmas. I decided to explore this further...our friend, Jaimy GREW UP in Oregon and doesn't EVER remember snow before Christmas (I'm taking that with a grain of salt, he doesn't have a great memory.) We will officially maybe have a White Christmas in Western Oregon (IF it doesn't warm up and IF is doesn't start raining again...which it probably will.)
Ben's snowman, he made the snow balls all by himself and Kraig helped him put them together


Darilyn said...

Can you even imagine a white christmas? That is unheard of here. I've never experienced it. Here's to wishing.

Our Family said...

How funny! I love how our attitude changes with each day the kids have off. I have threatened a few times already as well. "I will not listen to you both fighting or you can spend Christmas break in your room!" Now if they are getting along nicely, it is a JOY to have them home! But I am happy that it is snowing. I am hoping for a white Christmas!

The Leinonen Family said...

You are 'right on the money' Kris -- that's how our week of school days went too! so glad it's not just me!