Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cookies, Cookies, EVERYWHERE!

This weekend we baked 55 dozen cookies (yes, I said DOZEN.) For the past five Decembers, our friend has hired us to bake cookies for him to deliver around the hospital. Steve LOVES this little project of ours (at least, he says he loves the project, I think it is more likely that he loves the extra money,) he takes a day off work and we mix and bake (and mix and bake) for two straight days.

Here is the list of cookies:
Dipped Ginger Snaps
White Chocolate Cranberry
Sugar Cookie Christmas Trees

Now, the kitchen is a mess, but we're too tired to clean. We've got lots of cookies that we don't get to eat (not that we really WANT to eat cookies at this point,) and a little extra Christmas cash. We're happy to be done, but most happy that the cookies are leaving tomorrow morning for their new homes. Their mission; to be gobbled up by hungry health care workers at our hospital.
AND, by next year, we'll forget all about the pain, and look forward to making Christmas cookies again (isn't that what "they" say about childbirth?)


Jennifer Davis said...

mmm... your dipped ginger snaps are one of my favorite cookies! (them and chocolate chip :) )

Did you happen to take a picture of all those cookies? I'd like to see what that many cookies looks like!

Kris Farrar said...

No pictures, sorry. Too busy scraping green frosting off my kitchen floor :) That many cookies IS quite a site. I'll make sure you get a few ginger snaps this year.