Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Inside Jokes...

As I stand on the threshold of 2009, I've been taking the time to reflect on the good things in my life. I have been blessed with many wonderful friends in my life... real friends... loyal friends. Women (and men) who let me be myself in all of my imperfections (which are MANY) and like me all the better for it...who make me laugh and listen to me whine.

Last night I went out with some good friends to dinner and to a movie. When we're all together, we are LOUD! I mean, the kind of loud that makes other people look at us and gets us kicked out of swimming pools (another story, another time.) I couldn't help but think about all of the good times I've had with good friends and all of the "inside jokes" we share.

Phrases such as:

"Bloodless and amusing"

"Feral watermelon"

"Hey, let's go to Tony Romas tonight"

"Are there any albinos in this movie?"

"There's the big purple octopus!"
They don't mean anything to others, but send us into uncontrollable laughter. Memories of fun times and times when things have gone horribly wrong (in funny AND not so funny ways,) are the things long friendships are made of.

As we stood in my front yard at 12:30 last night; giving Natalie a quick hula hoop lesson, laughing our heads off, and shhhhing each other. I thought, "this will be the NEW fun story we remember (and retell) at a future gathering."

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Our Family said...

Last night was a blast!! I had so much fun! It was fun spending time together as friends, eating, laughing and enjoying a good movie together. As I was practicing hula hooping in the garage today, I was lauging to myself thinking of all the fun we had. We were loud weren't we! :) Thanks so much for everything. I appreciate your friendship!