Friday, January 23, 2009

25 Random Facts about Me

Shannon said "tag, you're it." So here I am writing 25 random facts about me. If I'm anything..."RANDOM" is probably a good description.

1. I'm too honest...if you don't REALLY want to know what I think, don't ask me. Unfortunately, I always assume others are honest too. Along with that, I HATE being lied too...makes me VERY angry.

2. I'm a good cook, I'm not saying that to brag....I just seem to "get it." I can read a recipe and almost know, not only what it will taste like, but how I can tweak it to make it better. BUT didn't know how to cook when I got married. I actually burned Campbell's Soup on a regular basis the first year of our marriage.

3. The way I look at it, EVERYONE has an OCD...I have two (possibly three.)

4. Much to the chagrin of anyone who has ever had to share a bed with me (except Steve,) I am a "spooner." I say that as a warning as well as an admission.

5. I get REALLY crabby when I'm hungry.

6. LOYALTY is the #1 thing I expect from friends...and I have been most blessed in that department in my life.

7. I hardly ever make my reason, I just don't do it.

8. I feel responsible for the happiness of those around me. I often call this "oldest daughter syndrome." In my mind, I'm responsible, for my family, my friends, my parents, my brother and sister, people in the Ward; well, pretty much the whole freaking world.

9. If someone throws up in the night at our house, Steve has to take care of it. If I get anywhere near it...there will be two messes to clean up.

10. I'm terrible at writing thank you notes...and I feel guilty about it (another symptom of "oldest daughter syndrome.")

11. I hate makes me gag.

12. I've been "published" twice...both times in Family Fun Magazine.

13. I don't know the names of celebrities! Don't ask me "who is in that movie?" I DON'T KNOW! That also goes for people who sing and most other public figures, BUT I can almost always name the author of any book I've ever read.

14. When I go to the movies, I WANT to eat popcorn! If I don't get it, I feel totally ripped off (even if I CHOOSE not to get it because it's not good for me.)

15. I'm pretty bossy, but I'm so out-bossed by so many of my friends that I almost don't seem bossy at all ;)

16. I consider myself a "doer."

17. If Steve would agree, I would totally have another baby.

18. My right front tooth is fake.

19. I crochet right handed even though I'm a lefty.

20. My grandpa used to call me his "little auburn beauty."

21. I wish I could express myself when I'm really angry or frustrated without crying.

22. I've owned three different engagement rings.

23. I like to be on time (see #3.)

24. My mini van is a total pig sty.

25. I am in awe of the people my children are becoming.

Now it's your turn....that makes you "it." I look forward to reading about your "randomness."


Katie said...

What fun. I enjoyed reading that. We both have fake right front teeth. How random. You can see mine on my craft blog labeled, "More than you might want to know".

Darilyn said...

Love your list. I learned a few new things about you and was surprised at how much I already new. I guess I had stored some of that knowledge in my brain.

april said...

i love reading your blog kris - it's so fun. i can relate to a few things - messy van - lefty, ect... :)

JennieHunter said...

my brother also has a fake front tooth, courtesy of me. i was a mean lil girl, and one day i got mad because he didn't want to play with me (i wonder why), so there was a shovel near by, and the rest is history...

wild4words said...

Loved it! And here's to being bossy!

I too have the "take care of everyone around me" syndrome. I can't help it and I don't want to give it up.

I don't make my bed either... I'm just going to mess it up and it's really low on my priority list.

Hmmm... and there's so much more I'd say, but I'll zip it right now. Love your blog!!!

Chuck and Amy said...

Your blog is great! I could learn a lot from you :) After reading so many "random facts" about people I am amazed at how many I have in common with people. Chuck is also on clean up duty if there is any throwing up going on...sorry kids only get sick when dad is around:)

Chuck and Amy said...

I forgot to say I LOVE your music!!