Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Eugene Winter Predictor

Today was a big day for Kraig and our friend, Joel. They got up bright and early (for a Saturday) to travel to Eugene to run in the "Winter Predictor." Because Eugene is "Track Town," there are lots of great races there. Joel came to the door decked out from head to toe in Beaver apparel...I asked him if he was trying to cause trouble, wearing all that black and orange down in "Duck Country." The Winter Predictor is "a unique running/walking event, where participants predict their finish time in advance. Participants are NOT allowed to wear watches or any other type of timing device. Awards will be based upon the participants that finish closest to their predicted time." Kraig elected to do the 6K (3.72 miles) course rather than the 13K (8.06 miles) course, and Joel did the 13K course. Kraig came within 3 seconds of his predicted time, was 1st in his age group, and 5th overall. Joel was 3rd overall in the 13K, but got smoked by a guy pushing a baby jogger ;) Great Job Kraig and Joel!


The Loftins said...

Ahhhh so bummed I missed it. I was tempted to try this race out but sounds like the boys did great! Kind of a fun twist, instead of the usual whoever finishes first. Can't believe Kraig came within 3 seconds, that is awesome WAY TO GO KRAIG!!!!

Our Family said...

Congratulations Kraig!