Monday, January 26, 2009

Family Home Minute!

Chapter 7: The Tower of Babel,” Old Testament Stories, 30

After the flood Noah’s sons had many children. Their children grew up and had families. There were many people on the earth again. Some of them built a city.

Genesis 10; 11:4

The people wanted to build a tall tower. They wanted to climb the tower to go to heaven. It was called the Tower of Babel.

Genesis 11:4, 9

People cannot climb a tower to go to heaven. People must obey God to go to heaven. God saw the people building the tower.

Genesis 11:5

God did not want the people to build the tower. He changed the language of the people. Each one spoke words the others did not know. The people could not talk to each other.

Genesis 11:7

They could not work together. They could not finish the tower. They left the city.

Genesis 11:9

Jared and his brother lived near the tower. They were righteous men. They loved God and obeyed him.

Ether 1:33–34

The brother of Jared prayed to God. He asked God not to change their language. They wanted to talk to their families.

Ether 1:35–37

God blessed them. He let them keep their language.

Ether 1:35, 37

These people were called the Jaredites. They went to America. The Book of Mormon tells about the Jaredites.

So, my it Babel with a long "a" or Babel with a short "a?" Babel with a short "a" makes sense since Babylon is pronounced with a short "a," but I think I learned to say it with a long "a" as a kid. Hmmmmm...
Funny thing, Ben said, "maybe we could build a tower to Jesus!" That was BEFORE he heard the story...I think he is definitely going to be our biggest challenge.

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The Loftins said...

I appreciate you sharing your family home minute and I think we may have to steal that Idea for our next lesson! Your too funny about Ben!