Thursday, January 8, 2009

January Tourists

The Muscle Tech class I teach was packed to the brim this week! Andi called them "January Tourists" and I had to chuckle because it is so accurate. It's not a secret that everyone makes resolutions that are difficult for them to keep.

Dec 31st...."Hey lets get healthy, should we sign up to do some weight training?"

So I see some new faces in my class, I welcome them with open arms, introduce them to the rest of the class, and kick their butts.

Feb 1st..."Do you want to go to class?"...."Not really, I'm pretty sore...let's stay home today."

And that is that....the moral of this story...Don't be a January tourist... Or at the very least; don't be offended if you are (touristing,) and the "locals" poke a little fun at you. ;0


The Loftins said...

I love how you title these good intentioned resolution makers. That's hillarious!!!! I've noticed the regular influx of January tourists at the YMCA myself and it does make me chuckle to think how many more times I will see them before they have better things to do. I did have hope for one girl working out w/her friends the other day....I heard her say "This is so fun, while giggling with her friends"!! You go girl, that's the spirit!

The Ditto clan said...

So true. When I worked at the YMCA I saw this every year. I actually looked forward to some of them slacking off (less kids in the childcare) I just joined Gold's again and VOW to not be a january tourist!!