Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mom's birthday list....

Steve asked me for a list, so here it is.

1. I would like for my birthday to NOT be on Sunday...Sundays are hard and busy for me and I would rather that my birthday didn't SUCK!

2. A cleaning lady

3. Lipstick...tender heart is the color

4. Someone to clean my make-up drawer...take everything out, wipe it down, clean the drawer, and NEATLY put everything back.

5. I would like the pantry cleaned and organized as well.

6. Brown or Black boots (or both) to replace the ones I had to toss

7. For NO ONE to whine that my birthday is also SUPER BOWL SUNDAY (see I told you it would suck)

8. You can never go wrong with Fiestaware!

9. Pedicure, manicure, facial, massage...all in one day (pipe dream)

10. I would like Saturday jobs to actually be done on Saturday without me begging and threatening people with bodily harm.

There it is...I don't expect to receive everything on the list, but wouldn't mind feeling loved and cared for on this (my 40th) birthday. REMEMBER the thought does count...especially when you back it up with birthday acts of kindness.


Katie said...

Hey, I have been thinking about you this week since our birthdays are back-to-back. Happy Birthday!!! You can celebrate with me on Saturday this year if you want! I love remembering the cakes you and Alison made me on my birthday that year. What great friends to do that for me. Those are the kinds of surprises I love. I hope you get your all spa day. That sounds fabulous!

wild4words said...

Oooh, your birthday list is pretty darn close to mine!

I've always told Todd that if he got really wealthy I don't want jewelry or cars or a big house... I want maid service. That's it. Sigh...

And the ability to go into the bathroom without the whole family following me...