Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I've had several conversations with friends lately about "preparing" our children for their missions. Maybe I think about it because, lets face it, it will be sooner than later for me. Or maybe it's because all of those cute little boys I had in Primary are putting in papers and scattering to the four corners of the makes me feel a little old.

Anyway, these are a few ideas for starting that preparation...the temporal prep, that is... you are on your own for the spiritual prep. I am calling the Farrar home the TMTC (temporal missionary training center) from now on. Send the kids over, I'll put them to work...I mean, teach them the skills they need to serve the Lord.

First I felt like we needed a motto:

  • Charity Never Faileth (oh, the Relief Society already took that one)
  • To Protect and Serve (also taken, dang this is harder than it looks)


  • You Get what you Get and you Don't Throw a Fit! first made famous by fabulous preschool teacher Cheryl Johnson

Let's break the lessons down into a few categories

  • Real men DO eat Quiche (aka eat up you might get monkey brains on your mission)

these lessons will include a wide variety of foods which are to be eaten and enjoyed, never complained about or gagged over.

  • Missionaries DON'T wear pink shirts

laundry is important, and this lesson will include how to sort, wash, and fold laundry. Sewing on buttons (with both regular thread and dental floss) and ironing are separate lessons held on separate days

  • When you're Helping you're HAPPY!

STOP whining and get to work, I need the garden weeded and the lawn mowed! Later, I'll show you how to dust and scrub the toilet.

  • Out running mean dogs (or at least out running your companion while running from a mean dog)

Physical fitness is important for the reasons stated above. I will turn this lesson over to Steve...I hate running.

N. if you really can't let the kids fold laundry, send them over I hate folding whites ;)

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Our Family said...

N. here -

I just used lesson #1 a minute ago with C. for dinner. You need to eat that because when you are on your mission .....

Second, I could use some pointers for lesson #3. The whining drives me nuts and even though we have many discussions on this - the whining happens MINUTES later again!!!

And finally, I must decline the invitation to have my kids fold your whites. They are busy dusting and vacuuming among other chores. I am sure Steve will do it for you!

Talk to you later - I need to see why C. is STILL whining about dinner.