Sunday, February 1, 2009

Forty is FABULOUS!

What a great birthday it has been! I am forty and feeling very loved. Honestly, I was worried about the whole Sunday birthday thing, but I have to say it was glorious. Ben woke up and said "mom, when are your friends coming?" I guess he thinks birthday parties are for moms too, I wonder if he thought we'd get out the slip and slide just like we do for his birthday parties. Steve took the morning away from Bishopric meetings to stay home and help get the kids ready for church. He made french toast (sorry no birthday fasting here) from his own homemade bread and topped it with strawberries and cream....mmmmm, it was delicious!

So many fun gifts, cards, and birthday wishes. MANY Facebook posts, e-mails and phone calls!

The treats came rolling in!! Brownies from Melanie, Sugar Cookies from Joel and Lisa, a beautiful homemade angel food cake by Sally. My belly is feeling a little swollen.

Abby and Ben cleaned my make-up drawer and the big boys cleaned my pantry...I'm a very happy mom.

A fabulous steak dinner by Steve. Of course, I still have my birthday Mexico trip to look forward too...later this week. Sarah and I will be soaking up the sun, catching up on our reading, and drinking "smoothies" (don't order "virgin" drinks, we learned that the HARD WAY...language barrier issues can get you tipsy) with little umbrellas in them.


Katie said...

Looks like you had a great day! We had the same breakfast for our b-days! How funny. Have fun on your trip!

Darilyn said...

What a fantastic birthday! Have a great time on your trip.

The Ditto clan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm so glad you had a great one. When are you headed to Cabo? I'll be there Mon the 8th...maybe you're already there??? Have a great time!