Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mighty Change of Heart

Reed has been playing basketball on one of the 6th grade teams at the Boy's and Girl's Club...he is playing with his BFF, Mason so it's been really fun for them. Last night's game was a squeaker, with us winning by 2 points. They don't always win (it MIGHT be 50/50,) but they play hard and have really improved over the course of the season.

Really, the biggest problem in all of this was mom's attitude...I didn't like the coach. This coach is YOUNG... he's the step dad of one of the boys, and I didn't believe that he really "got it." He is loud, he has actually sworn at a game, and has even gotten up in the Ref's face...there have been times when I really thought he'd be ejected from a game.

I wanted him to teach basic skills and he was teaching plays and running the boys through endless cardio drills. So, all of these things stacked up and left me just seething while sitting in the bleachers.

But somewhere along the line something changed...oh he's still loud, that's just his coaching style. But I stepped back and really watched this rough young man, who was volunteering his time to teach my son. I noticed that he called the boys "gentlemen," I like that. He compliments their best efforts even when the end result isn't in our favor. And I think he has taken his intensity level down a notch since the beginning of the year (or it's entirely possible that I have gotten used to it.) I have seen him soften...or maybe the softening has been done by me.

It's been a great season...I think we've all learned a lot! Reed learned a lot about basketball and mom learned to look at people a little deeper. Thanks Coach, we hope to see you again next year!


The Ditto clan said...

Good for you for noticing the good in the coach. It can be so hard sometimes. The most important thing is that Reed had fun playing.
I need to get down and visit everyone soon, it's been too long!

Darilyn said...

What a great lesson, Kris. Thanks for sharing.