Monday, February 23, 2009

Old Mom Club

I was recently approached by one of the other Central moms....she said, "we'd like to invite you to attend PTC." I really like this woman, she certainly didn't mean any harm and would never try to make me feel bad, but this was one of the times when my age was to my advantage. The younger me would have gone home and cried and felt like a bad mom (of course, the younger me practically lived at the school so no one would have ever questioned my involvement there.)

The "old mom" looked her in the eye (smiling) and said "well you know, I have four kids at four different schools, I have to divide my time." (DO THE FREAKING MATH!) She has no way of knowing about the time I spend crocheting birthday crowns for the preschool (about 1 hour per crown times 16 crowns,) or taking our hovercraft to the middle school to give rides to the entire 6th grade science class, or any of the other stuff I do for that matter. OK, maybe an even "older mom" would have said "I don't WANT to go to PTC!" But if you'll remember, one of my goals (# 6 to be exact) for the year was to try not to be so direct...I know you guys don't think I really try, but I'll bet you'd be surprised at the stuff I hold back these days ;)

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Darilyn said...

I don't really understand what you were getting from her question. Are you saying her asking you to attend PTC meant that she doesn't think you spend much time at the school? I would have taken it the opposite way, by being asked would mean a compliment, that they want to get to know me better and work with me because they know I have something to offer. Maybe it's just different at our school or I didnt understand what you were trying to say.