Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Royal Mess...Crocheted Birthday Crowns

I always volunteer to do dumb stuff...and most of the time the dumbest ideas are mine. I have to say, I'm getting better as I get took me a very long time to learn the word "no," and now I (mostly) weigh my current commitments before I take on new projects. So, I'm thinking that I must have been feeling pretty free last fall, because when Ben's preschool teacher was admiring the birthday crowns I crochet. I said,
"wouldn't it be fun to have one for each kid's birthday this year?"
I guess I was thinking 14 crowns over 9 sweat. I have 4 crowns down, 4 more nearly done and now that two more kids have joined the class, 8 more to go. I know I will be happy I did it, but right now I'm kicking myself just a little.

If you're interested in trying out the pattern yourself, it is on the Living Crafts web site. It is a very easy project and ends up looking very cute. Budget about an hour or an hour and a half (plus drying time) from start to finish. The pattern recommends using wool yarn, but I like to do it in cotton. It looks nicest steam ironed and starched, and the cotton absorbs the starch better. Abby loves to take them to birthday parties and I even give them to my friends on their birthdays...everyone should feel like a queen (or king) for a day!


Jennifer said...

Sabrina just LOVES hers. They are adorable!

Darilyn said...

Those are adorable. I just learned to crochet last night. Thanks for the idea.

Kris Farrar said...

This is a good pattern to start on...all single crochet...counting small numbers, not big. Have FUN!

Chuck and Amy said...

You are amazing! You crochet, bake, cook, your kids are quiet during sacrament meeting, your fun, and to top it all off you hula hoop! Do you think I can "rent" you for a weekend to learn some of these things? :)
The crowns are adorable. I should learn now so I can make them for Addisyn and her little friends.

The Loftins said...

Hey we love these and I bought two for the girls for Christmas as stocking stuffers! You are amazingly talented and are a supermom as far as I'm concerned :) One of the two children that joined the class was Alyssa and you can skip hers if you want since she already has one, hope that helps!