Friday, March 20, 2009

A Bad Surprise

I'm so disappointed...we have loved the Pix Theater in downtown Albany since it was renovated and opened. It is an old fashioned, one screen theater (you can still hear the movie in the bathroom, just like back when we were kids.) We often wait for movies to get to the Pix rather than see them at the multiplex because it feels like a better family atmosphere. We love to take our whole family and I noticed just the other day that it has gone "21 and over," which means they are now serving alcohol. So, even though they will have matinee shows where kids will be welcome, all of their evening showings will be adults only. This is one revenue generating avenue that will back fire with the Farrar family and I am saddened by this.


Darilyn said...

We have one of those theatres too and they did the same thing. They did start doing family events though and they are really cool so we still go. But, yes, the evening is only for 21 and over.

A LDS mother to three busy kids said...

Oh Kris! I am REALLY SAD! We go there too but I guess not anymore. BUMMER!! I hate it when they take away the family oriented activties from our small town