Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How often do you put BBQ and BRAVO in the same sentence?

My mom and dad are visiting us from Idaho and they like to eat out while they're here...I try not to take it too personally (but they think I make weird food.) Tonight, we went to a new BBQ place in downtown Albany called Bo-Mack's. It is a family run restaurant "Mama" and her 7 (yes, I said SEVEN) children are out front, and I suspect that their dad is hiding somewhere in the back. The food is delicious, no where near'll find very few thin people frequenting this place of business, but to die for none the less. The thing that is really special about Bo-Mack's, is the impromptu a cappella harmonies by the Knebel family.

This is how it works...if it's not crazy busy (so I'm not so sure you'd get this on a Friday or Saturday night) and some one rings the cowbell, the Knebel "children" assemble up front and sing a beautifully harmonized gospel song. They are open to requests, tonight we heard Amazing Grace and let me tell you, it was quite amazing. We had to hear one more before we left and they sang Brother and Sister.

All I have to say is WOW! Great food, a very delightful family, and to top it all off, if you're lucky, a beautiful song. I just have to say two thumbs WAY up for the Knebel family and their fabulous new restaurant!

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Serena said...

I love BoMack's! And the sweet little waitresses and waiters with their lisps are very adorable. I didn't know you could get them to sing for you, though. I'll have to ring that bell next time I'm there.