Sunday, March 15, 2009

Monopoly on Prayer

We have a little dilemma at our house, and I'm wondering how to handle it. Ben INSISTS on saying EVERY prayer...blessings on the food, family prayer, and FHE. No one else is getting the opportunity. We've tried negotiating with him. Sometimes we have an "opening" and "closing" prayer for blessing the food, but let's face it, that takes a lot of energy to do all the time. I keep thinking that he is going to out-grow it, but he IS the baby and I'm concluding it could go on and on. Has anyone else faced this and how do I solve it without Ben screaming and crying during each and every prayer?


The Ditto clan said...

you could make a spin wheel and spin for turns? Or some sort of chart...pull a name out of a jar. I'm not sure if it would lessen the crying, but worth a try??

Kari said...

Hey Kris... I don't remember how old your Ben is, but we did have one week where Doug had Ambri (7 years) say the prayer for EVERY prayer. I don't remember the reason, I think Doug was the one that was being cheeky. It kind of turned into a joke and she eventually got tired of it. Maybe if you just let him do it for a while, it will wear off? After a week of it she eventually started to get really annoyed with it. Good luck!

Chuck and Amy said...

We have the same problem! Samuel insists on saying EVERY prayer and if he doesn't then there is crying through the prayer. Maybe it's just the age and they will grow out of it (we can only hope)! We sometimes have Samuel "help" whoever has been asked to say the prayer; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Let me know if you figure out a trick...I have two more after Samuel!!