Monday, March 30, 2009

Now I have to name it!

I bought an Oregon Pioneer Sourdough Starter at Nichols Garden Nursery (a local rare seed and herb company) last week and activated it. This is the same kind of "starter used by early Oregon pioneers, in the 1850's. This starter was taken to the Alaska Gold Rush of 1898 and became the basis of the legendary sourdough starters up north. The more you use this "starter" and keep renewing it, the better it becomes (or at least, that's what the package says.)

I made my first batch of "hotcakes" with it yesterday for lunch and they were a big hit. I have big plans to make many other sourdough recipes.

My friend, Jacqueline, asked me "did you name it yet?" I had no idea I was supposed to name it! I guess it IS a living thing, and if I'm going to name a hula hoop, I should certainly name my sourdough I asked the kids to help come up with some names.

Here is the list:

Herman (that was Ben, I guess he's naming the sourdough after the hermit crab we killed last week)
Fred (everything is named "Fred" at our's a very long story, probably long enough for an entire post. If this one wins, I'll let you in on it, otherwise, I'll spare you the gory details)
Zeek (totally random "Pioneer" sounding name)
Guido (Since this is the name Steve "wanted" to name our oldest child, you can only guess where this one came from)

So, please go over to the poll and vote for the name of our newest member of the family and I'll try to take better care of it than I did the hermit crabs ;)

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april said...

i guess you name your hoops -- it's only fair to name your dough :) i went with guido