Thursday, March 12, 2009

Steve on a Bike

Steve has been training for a Tri-sprint...kinda a mini triathlon. It consists of a 5K run, a 12 mile bike ride, and a 800 meter swim. The running is no problem for him, but he feels a little pressure to train on the bike and in the pool.

Last night he went out with some of the hard core mountain bikers in the Ward out to the boonies north of Corvallis for a night time bike ride. Frank and Joel are the experienced bikers, Steve and Jaimy are the newbees. Boy was he moaning this was how he described it:

They started right off going up hill and Frank kept saying, "not much the top of this hill, it will flatten out." Then at the top of the hill he said "well, it will flatten out around the bend," (lie #2.) After that, he followed up with, "really, it's not much further." Steve was DYING! A little further along in the ride came Frank makes another empty promise, "it's all down hill from here." At some point (after a scary downhill flight) Steve realizes that he's having to peddle...obviously, Frank can't be trusted, because he's going up hill AGAIN!!! At the end of his first hard ride Steve says to Frank..."I don't think you should come to see me for your next temple recommend are NOT honest in your dealings with men!" :) I didn't think my husband would ever play the "Bishopric card," it must have been a REALLY hard ride.
He whined a lot, but I'm sure he'll be right back out there next week.

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Alison said...

Very funny! Poor Steve. That does not sound fun.