Saturday, March 7, 2009

The YMCA Mud Run!

Survivor Mud Run 2009
Run, wade, climb, crawl and piggyback
your way through this 2.5 mile survivor
mud course. Teams of 2 to 6 individuals
will traverse a swollen creek, a twine
low wire, a high wall, a tire course all
the while collecting clues to the finish
line puzzle. T-Shirts are included if
you register prior to the registration
deadline (Feb. 20)
Think like a SURVIVOR
and come prepared!
Date: March 7
Time: 10 am
Fee: Individuals $25 (you will be
placed on a team)
Team $20 per team member
Start recruiting your team NOW!!!

The top three placers

1st...Steve and Kraig Farrar

Joel Phair and friend Jason (sorry, I don't know Jason's last name)

3rd...Joe Wiest and Scott Beer

Good Job guys!!!! What a way to spend your Saturday!

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Kate said...

Congratulations boy!