Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hop on Over!

Yesterday was our 7th annual Farrar family egg hunt and brunch. We fill LOTS of plastic eggs the week before Easter, I have lost track of the exact number...but I would estimate that we filled 700-800 this year. It's lots of work, but well worth the effort. This is how it works, every one brings a "brunchy" dish...we eat, we visit, the kids play in the back yard. Then, the big kids "hide" the eggs while the little kids scoot inside to watch a movie (but are usually plastered to the window, watching the big kids, chomping at the bit.) When the big kids are finished, I take everyone 3 and under outside for a little head start, then 4 and 5 year olds, with 6-11 year olds bringing up the rear. I know....I'm so bossy, but the little ones REALLY do need a little head start.
It's fun to see the littlest ones really start to get it and give those bigger kids a run for their money.
We had a great time watching the kids hunt, they get so excited. It's a great tradition!


Darilyn said...

What fun and a great idea. Our ward does one every year and my girls look forward to it each year. I bet the kids around you look forward to this annual event as well.

april said...

i'm so sad i missed it