Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ode to my Orange Sparkle Purse

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my orange sparkle purse! It was created by a Portland artist, Renee Christopher who, (I read somewhere) gets some of her inspiration from Home Depot. This is what her web site says about her bags...

Hardwear By Renee is a handbag line specializing in contemporary handbags. The handbags are designed with atypical items such as hardware and recycled materials. The collection features a range of modern colors with a clean urban style.
Based in Oregon City, Oregon, the company is owned and operated by Renee Christopher, an artist and designer. She strives to create a line of strong, sexy, and smart handbags that easily transition from day to evenings. Inspired by her vision of today's woman, the line of handbags proves durability need not be dowdy, nor femininity fussy and fragile, hardwear, and that's you.

Take a peek at her bags HERE The bottom is wood (I could do some real damage to someone if I wanted to) and the handles are airplane cable.

Their motto is

Strong. Sexy. Smart.

...I like it!


Mary Ann said...

what a great design concept

wild4words said...

That is SO absolutely cool! I love it!