Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our Conference Traditions

Our church holds a twice yearly General Conference. The conferences have been held in Salt Lake City Utah since 1848. Historically, general conference was over three days with the annual conference always including April 6. This proved awkward when April 6 fell midweek as this made conference difficult to attend for those with work and school commitments. In April 1977, during Spencer W Kimball's presidency, conference was reduced to two days, Saturday and Sunday.
Currently, each conference consists of five two-hour sessions: four general sessions and one Priesthood session. General sessions commence at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. (Mountain Time) on Saturday and Sunday. General sessions are open to all church members and guests holding tickets, usually for only one session. The tickets are free of charge and members of the church can request them from either their local leaders or by writing to church headquarters. These meetings are also transmitted around the world to local church buildings and can also be viewed at home via the Internet or BYU TV. We choose to stay home and watch Conference.
For our family, Conference is almost like a special holiday with special traditions and food associated with are a few.
German Pancakes
...(now called Uchdorft pancakes by the kids) with strawberries and whipped cream
!Que Bueno! Nachos
...You know, that liquid processed cheese in a can? It's total trash food, but doesn't taste as bad as it sounds. That's always Reed's special request, and for 10 bucks at Costco, I can make him pretty happy.
Church in Pajamas
...that's what I'm talking about!
Conference Bingo
! OK, so we get a little rowdy with this one, but to quote President Uchdorft in the last General Relief Society Conference "SO WHAT!"


Alison said...

What fun traditions!

BluBabes said...

Oh look Kris, I found your blog and my abs hurt.