Wednesday, April 1, 2009

STILL hate it!

After my first week of running, I'm not any stronger (and I'm not any thinner), but I think I may be getting a little smarter.

Things I've learned this week:

  • 1. Double knot my shoes BEFORE I take off

  • 2. I SUCK at picking out new shoes for running...I pulled out my old Pegasus and will try not to think about the money I flushed down the toilet with the new ones that HURT!

  • 3. I need to learn how to breathe so I don't get gut cramps

  • 4. Sweatshirts are TOO HOT even in our rainy Oregon weather.

  • 5. Steve is ANNOYING!


Jennifer said...

We should start an "I Hate Running" club :) I am going to try for the next 2 weeks, just to say I gave it a try.. I have been doing about 13 miles, 3x a week on my elliptical - so why is it so hard to do 1.5 miles running outside???

A LDS mother to three busy kids said...

LOL!! I love your blog! I have made the money mistake on shoes as well. It hurts! (physically and financially)

Mary Ann said...

A real breakthrough moment for me was when I went running with my totally crazy father-in-law. He's a health/exercise freak that makes even Grandfather W. look moderate.

Anyway, he listened to my breathing as we ran, and each time I started to breath really fast (meaning that my heart rate was too high) he told me to slow down. I did and instead of stopping for a rest I was able to keep going by not going too fast . . .

I don't know if that will be relevant for you. But that one bit of advice helped me a lot.