Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Whenever you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth (Arthur Conan Doyle)

Last night I got home from work, (I had just taught Cardio Dash) and was loading the dishwasher. It was Reed's loading day, but he had a lot of homework, so I thought I'd help him out.
As I got down to the bottom of the sink, I made a little remark..."something stinks," meaning something in the sink or maybe the dispose-all, or even the garbage. I'm probably the ONLY one who EVER has stink in my sink (stop cringing Natalie!) so maybe you can't relate.
Ben pipes right up "that's you mommy!"

Thanks Ben, you always have this great way saying it like it is.....hmmmm I wonder where that came from? ;)


Our Family said...

How funny Ben! I have always admired that about you Kris - saying it like it is!

and... for dispoal care (he he he) I use Disposer Care. Foams Grunge and Odor away. Lemon fresh!

sromriell said...

That is too funny and yes he does come by it right....I think that is one of the many terrific things about you Kris...you are so honest about how you feel :) that is important...you are a great MOMMY :)