Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Married MacGyver

As long as I've known Steve, people have referred to him as "MacGyver." He can fix just about seems to be intuitive to him. If I called him a mechanical genius, he would be embarrassed, but that's really what it amounts to. His mother claims he fixed his first toaster at the age of 6, but she will occasionally indulge in a little exaggeration...who knows, it could be true. His sisters swear he could build an entire house with his Swiss Army knife, but that remains unproven as well. This is what I do great as it is to be married to Mr. Fix It, there are also some "cons" to this situation as well.

For example, he has fixed my dryer at least a million times (OK, Steve's mom isn't the only exaggerator in the family.) The FIRST time it broke, I thought 'YES!!! NEW DRYER!' But alas, no, he fixed it...and the ugly beast that I purchased at a garage sale some 10 years before that, lived on. At some point, I had a dryer that I had to attach a magnet to the door just to keep it shut, but BY GOSH the darned thing still ran! Since then, he has taken pity on me and found a "new" garage sale that doesn't require an industrial strength magnet to close the door...but the chances of me EVER owning a new dryer are somewhere between slim and none.
He also is a collector of parts, items from broken things that he thinks could be useful later in fixing other thing...and while I admit that he does eventually find uses for these items, sometimes the amount of broken junk we store is a little discouraging.

I'm not really going anywhere with's not a rant OR a rave...just a fact of my life.

My microwave caught on fire yesterday...I wonder if I'll get a new one, or just get yet one more life out of the old one...we shall see.

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