Friday, June 26, 2009

NOTHING rhymes with 42!

Happy Birthday Steve!
The kids really wanted to get dad something special for his birthday and this is what was agreed upon when we went shopping...they were actually pretty excited about it!.... A zipper tie!
He got other stuff too, but we think the zipper tie is the coolest!


Aubri said...

Whoop-dee-doo rhymes with 42! :-) So do the words true, blue, flew and through... to name a few. ;-)

Happy birthday to Bro. Farrar! Awesome and super yummy looking cake!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday! Great tie - the kids have got class. Much more stylish than the zipper tie Joe/Sam/Dad got from the GPs years ago.

april said...

my dad is the king of zipper ties -- thats all i've ever seen him wear -- nice and easy :)
happy birthday to steve!!