Monday, June 15, 2009

Project Red Bag

This is what we are doing for Enrichment this month, I think it will be fun.

Oak Creek Ward Enrichment
June 24th, 6:30 pm
The Home of Heidi Wiest
32161 Quail Run, Tangent
Unique in our Talents
United in our Purpose
In this red sack, three items you’ll place,
They should represent YOU, so don’t be in haste.

Choose three of your talents or special abilities,
Your hobbies, experiences or capabilities.

If you can’t find an item, a description you’ll write,
Photos or certificates are perfectly all right.

Seal your three items in your bag with care
No names on the bags, it’s a secret to share.

At enrichment meeting, we’ll open the sacks
We’ll try to guess we look at the facts.

Invite your friends, our Young Women and all,
It will be a great night, so give them a call.

Dinner is at 6:30, June 24 is the date,
Don’t forget your red sack (& please don’t be late).
Please Bring:
*Your favorite salad to share
*Your red bag with three items that
describe you (remember, no names)

If you pick up my bag, you might see some of these things...

Brown...not because it's my favorite color, but because I am "a Brown girl." (Brown is my maiden name)

I like to crochet...maybe I'll include one of these crowns in my bag

I just ran my first 5K, I could put my BIB number in my red bag

I did grow up in Idaho Spud Candy Bar might be a good thing to put in

Any other ideas? I'm open to suggestions...I only need three things, but I want them to be GOOD!


Mary Ann said...

I love the crown, maybe even enough to learn to crochet.

And I've never even heard of Idaho Spud candy bars. Now I want one.

Kris Farrar said...

I'll be in charge of Idaho Spuds for the next family reunion... The crown is a very good beginner's all single crochet. The link to the pattern in in the craft section on my posts. I'm sure Kathleen can hook you up.

april said...

you've got great ideas. i am drawing a blank for myself. but you've inspired me to put a little more effort into it :)