Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ben 5

Ben turned 5 this week! My baby is growing up! It's hard to think about, especially since there will be no more babies...I would have more, but Steve is not on board. He says I'm "too old"...OK, so maybe I am. It's not all that pleasant to have "ADVANCED MATERNAL AGE" written on the front of your chart in big red letters like I did when I was expecting Ben.
If I have to "call it a day" in the baby growing department, then Ben was pretty darned good last one to get. He is delightful; in a naughty-impish-push it as far as he can-and sit back and enjoy the reaction way. He adds a lot of fun to our family. Happy Birthday Ben!


Mary Ann said...

Is that a bucket full of mr. potato heads?

Kris Farrar said...

Yes, I used to have two buckets of potato heads, but Steve made me give half to the nursery....I'm an Idaho girl and I like mr. potato head :)