Tuesday, September 22, 2009


According to Urban Dictionary: Senioritus is a medical condition experienced by all individuals between the ages 17 and 18. Around this time in the individual's maturing, they simply f*#k their physics homework, and cross their fingers hoping graduation comes before their grades plummet.

I love Urban Dictionary...anything I hear out there (usually by the younger crowd) or read in a book that I don't understand, I look it up...they generally have the exact info I need and I don't have to look like a total idiot by asking "what's that?"
Anyway, I digress...I have a new definition for Senioritus...a mom (or dad) who realizes that our time with this kid at home is almost over and that makes us a little blue.

Kraig had his senior pictures taken. My friend, Tricia took them and they turned out great...she's such an artist.

This is the beginning of the end and I'm a little sad about that.


april said...

glad your back -- although i don't have much room to talk - mine needs some updating.
anyways -- the pics are very cool. it makes me sad to even think about when the day comes when my kids THINK they will leave me. ;)

sromriell said...

great to see our back...I have missed you on here. I know exactly what you mean and I am so thankful Amber is a junior but oh my goodness time is short!!!!

Alison said...

I just can't believe our Kraig is a senior!

Very cute pictures!

Holly said...

Great pictures!