Monday, October 5, 2009

They're getting desperate

On the way to pre-school this morning Ben described to me how he was going to get a dog....

He's going to make a DOG TRAP!!!

The dog trap is a box held up by a stick, and he's going to put dog food under the box...the stick has a sting that goes to Ben's bedroom. When he sees a dog go in our yard and eat the food under the box, he's going to pull the string and trap the dog.

Mom: "Then what?"

Ben: "I'm going to take care of it! I don't think Dad's going to let us get a dog, so I need to trap one!"

The poor kid has the meanest dad on the face of the earth, and sadly, he knows it.

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Shell said...

My kids got that desperate once and actually built a series of traps in my mom's back yard. It involved jump ropes, random pieces of wood, and recycling cartons. My mom thought it was so funny she left it up after the kids went home so that she could show my sister.

So when her home teacher came over to surprise her by mowing the yard while she was at work, he VERY CAREFULLY moved all the pieces to one side, cut the grass, then rebuilt the traps EVEN BETTER THAN BEFORE! Maybe Ben needs to enlist your hometeachers help - then he could get TWO Dogs!