Monday, November 30, 2009


It takes us about 7 minutes to get to church...10 on a bad light or slow-poke-in-front-of-us day. We normally have A LOT of chaos in the car when all of the kids are is an example of our trip to church from yesterday....and this was a fairly good day.

Ben: let's play the quiet game
(and I'm thinking, hey, maybe we are going to have a peaceful ride to church for a change)

Silence for about 2 seconds

Reed: PAUSE, and goes on to tell us a story Joel told them in class. How the pioneers didn't have a lot of room in the wagons and the kids had to sit in one position the whole time. (and he had them sit in one squished position the whole class)

Kraig and Mom (at the same time): They WALKED!

Mom: Joel is full of CRAP!

Kraig: He was just trying to torture you guys Reed!

Reed: Oh, OK....RESUME (the quiet game in case you forgot, we're playing that)

10 or 15 seconds of silence, then Kraig turns around and in a loud stage whisper says


Uncontrollable peels of laughter


MAYBE we should try the game again in sacrament meeting...without the diarrhea talk!

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Our Family said...

Oh that is so funny!! From the Joel part to the potty talk!