Monday, January 11, 2010

conspiracy theory...

Husbands think their wives conspire against them...some of the more paranoid ones think we even spend our time enlisting other women to help.

While it's pretty funny to think that they don't believe we have anything better to talk about.... I will admit, it's true, we do conspire and yes, sometimes we do enlist a little help. My friends have harassed Steve in many situations where I would have been less successful.

Now I'm getting off latest conspiracy, and no, I did not need any help on this one. BUT I did share my technique with another woman to use on her husband....because it worked!

Me: Hey, would you take a ballroom dance class with me?

Steve: REALLY?

Me: (pointing to the ad in the Parks and Rec catalog) Look, we'll learn Salsa, Merengue, and's only an hour once a week!

Steve: An HOUR? EVERY week!!! IT'S EIGHTY BUCKS!!!!

Me: OK, if you don't want to do about this dance social once a month...the first half hour is a dance lesson and the next hour you practice what you learn, $5 each.

Steve: I could probably handle that!

Me: I'll write it on the calendar!

I am just THAT good!


april said...

i need to learn that. but i don't know if that would even work on sam. i do however believe men have conspiracies of their own. For example i KNOW a grown man as intelligent as Sam could load the dish washer more efficiently. And he could figure out a way to tell the difference between kids clothes (by looking at the tag if nothing else) and where to put them (like look in a drawer) I swear it is all a ploy to not be asked to do it anymore. Not going to happen my friend :)

Alison said...

If you need a 'fill in', take Paul. He was voted best dancer in high school.