Thursday, January 28, 2010

I have no problem with that...

My latest project. This is the "boy beanie" from the Happy Hooker book. I intended to make it big enough for Steve, but accidentally used the wrong sized hook and so it fits Ben perfectly.

In Ancient Greek Mythology, the minor goddess Minerva wove tapestries of historical events. It was customary in the Middle Ages, to decorate castles and large homes with these woven tapestries on the walls. Minerva is now the goddess who oversees all forms of needlework, including knitting and crocheting and embroidery. Her caution is to work one small mistake into the project, not where it will damage a pattern, just so that the finished work will not be perfect and make the gods jealous.

I don't need to purposely make projects are full of them, just as long as the crochet police don't come knocking on my door.