Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's hitting the fan...

I'm going to whine for a bit...I just need to get it off my chest. I've got about 1000 things to do and here I sit blogging, but at this moment, THIS is what I need to do. If ANYONE ever says to me that I have "time" because I stay home, I cannot be responsible for their safety. Some days are a little overwhelming, and this is a whole week of it.

  • Teach 6 classes
  • Make 2 Hula Hoops (and when the lady that ordered them picks them up, she's going to want to have a LONG visit with me, because that's just how she rolls)
  • Finish a birthday gift for a friend
  • Organize and execute Activity Day
  • Attend 2 basketball games (where we will most likely get killed)
  • Visit "Live and Learn With Your Baby" class and talk to them about the benefits of exercise postpartum.
  • Prepare snack for Ben's Preschool class (STILL not making fruit Kabobs!)
  • Read and prepare my Primary lesson
  • and to top it all off give a TALK in church for the second time in three months!
  • Oh and I will be doing all of this with an infant in my care for approximately 9 hours this week...

If you stop by our house this week and I don't answer the door, just come on in...I probably won't hear you knock, because I'll be banging my head against the wall.


The Loftins said...

you are truly one of the most amazing women I have ever met! Super talented, organized, maker of delicious foods of all kinds and so very nice to top it all off oooooh and I forgot incredibly strong physically and mentally. Just thought you should know that, so if anyone can accomplish all that I know it's you! If that infant happens to be Petey, well thanks so much for helping my friend out it means a lot!!!!!!!!

A LDS mother to three busy kids said...

Kris, your amazing! You are super organized and I know you will get'er done! You always go ;-)


Alison said...

Was that MY birthday gift?
Cuz, thank you, I LOVE IT!

And make Steve go to those basketball games. He has those great HP hours that every wife is jealous of.

And the talk? You went, what? 12 years without giving one? Time to pay the piper! (You probably don't think that is funny?)

I can help you by taking the baby whispering off your hands :)
Let me know!

Kris Farrar said...

Yes, it was your birthday present...I started with a brighter yellow, but the end result looked like McDonalds to me and I had to start over :)

Trust me, that tought did cross my mind...5 years without speaking...speaking twice in 3 months, I totally deserve this. And YES it is funny (kind of)