Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pretend Pandemic

Or is it a storm?...it could go either way. No matter what you call it, here is the bottom line. Our Ward is playing a game and we're "it." Families are chosen at random to live from the food that is already at their homes for one week. It is an interesting concept. Since Steve is "in charge" of this little activity, I'm pretty sure he was waiting for me to be a little off my game to call our name over the pulpit. I usually have 6 gallons of milk and 9 lbs of bananas every Monday morning, but this Saturday got a little busy and I ended up with about 3 lbs of bananas and MAYBE 5 gallons of milk...no yogurt, but PLENTY of bread to get through the week.

In my estimation, the 6 bananas + 6 people + 6 days = Steve had BETTER be leaving the bananas for the kids.

I'll let you know how it goes.


april said...

ohhh -- good luck!! we had a half gallon of milk -- it sucked! :)

Darilyn said...

Wow, cool concept. We wouldn't go hungry but nobody would be happy around here if that happened.