Monday, September 20, 2010

needless distractions

I'm making jam....A LOT of jam, 52 pints to be exact. I don't make 52 pints to give away to friends and family, NO that's how much jam we eat EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. Can I say that I dread this job? I dread the mess and I dread the time it takes, so I am unfortunately very distractable.

"Kris, want to go to the Roller Derby bout?" YES!!! Pick me up in an hour (4 jars made that day.)

I should chop plums.....ummmmm, maybe I should check on my scrabble words first, and I don't feel guilty a bit, after all it IS the sabbath. (0 jars made that day)

Then today I really did get down to business, and it was crunch time...if you've ever made jam, you know what crunch time is. It's when your jars are hot, your lids are hot, and your jam is hot. You have to work quickly to get everything together before things cool off too much. So I'm moving fast and look up and see blond bubble head chicken strolling across my kitchen floor (freshly mopped, by the way.) "YOU DON'T BELONG IN HERE!!!"

Seriously, if the kids didn't insist on eating plum jam...I'd really consider giving up.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

cooking questions

Mom can you send me some recipes? ...I'm tired of PB&J and quesadillas

When you cook spaghetti, do you keep boiling the noodles or turn the heat off when you put the noodles in the water? (guess which one he did)

Apparently, Kraig's mom sent him off less than equipped to take care of himself....he will probably be MIGHTY hungry at Christmas time.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

THIS is what I made with my first eggs

Of course, the eggs are still so small, I had to save a dozen to equal 6 regular eggs. BUT it was delicious and it felt good knowing the eggs came from my own back yard.