Friday, February 11, 2011

Banana, fanna, fo...

I'm crocheting another chemo cap, in a beautiful luscious silk bamboo blend. I'm a little surprised at the emotions I'm feeling while I make it....after all, I don't even know the recipient....don't even know her first name. She is a friend of my sister in law, Linda...Stage 4 breast cancer...treatable, not curable.

It takes me back to the last chemo cap I made...for Linda's husband, Chuck...and all the tears that fell while I made it. And I feel blessed that he is now cancer free. The beautiful colors of purple also take me back to another time cancer affected someone I love, someone who lost her sweet mommy to breast cancer...and I will name this hat Alice......alice, alice, bo balice, banana fanna fo....ummmmm.....PHALLIS!

In an attempt to make this hat a little more feminine than the one I made for Chuck, I am using this pattern. I hope she likes it...I hope it keeps her warm through the long treatments she will have to endure.